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Originally Posted by piano ➡️
What is the current way to distribute music and get paid?

Are CD's officially done?

I don't understand how in 2020 we STILL do not have a way of selling music and keeping if from getting copied. It's fairly difficult to copy a piece of software now.
CDs for shows. Memory sticks maybe? Otherwise iTunes for actual “sales”, but most artists make more money from streaming.

That’s the thing - the idea of “copying music” is largely gone in the western world - why would you illegally copy something that’s already out there for free?

Originally Posted by Bignatius ➡️
Nah, it's not.

Most commercial software is cracked in the first day.
Some is, some isn’t. But let’s not talk cracks

Originally Posted by piano ➡️
How are the top NEW artists selling their music?


How much do you have to pay to get top billing on iTunes?
You can’t just “pay” to get featured on iTunes. You either need an existing relationship (ie be on a major label with marketing people promoting your record to Apple Music) or be such a hype act that it gets put there anyway.
As an unknown you can’t just pay a wedge of cash and expect to get prime placement. That’s not how it works believe it or not!