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Crazy Beast samples, about 25 songs in 8 minutes!

This is a quick sample I put together a few weeks back to send to someone as a "style" demo. I had to make the mp3 112 kbps to fit within the GearSlutz file size limit so the quality probably suffered quite a bit...

As I mentioned there are around 25 songs, quite a few styles, some are mastered some not, some are old some new, mostly recorded live to an extent (with some of them completely live, even the vocal, and my room is small, around 14x14x7). Some of the stuff I cringe when I hear it now, but I wanted a cross-section for this particular person.

If anyone is curious about a particular track I could provide more info. I played on quite a few of the songs in some capacity (mostly guitar), and the second snippet is the band that I currently play in called Unguided Missile (which also happens to be the same track that I used for the Folcrom/ITB summing tests that I posted about a year ago.

I'd love to hear any feedback/comments. It's very interesting hearing everyone's work - thanks Jules!
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