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Originally Posted by SteveElbows ➡️
I'm the opposite of recent comments in that I am not a good pianist and I like the squishy Roli keys. But I still love the look of this thing, and have pre-ordered.

A long wait to actually find out what it feels like, but some of the videos make me think I can already tell that I'll like the feel and response. And I like the fact there is more than one sort of aftertouch in terms of things like at what stage of key travel the expressivity kicks in.
Several people who have played the prototype have commented - check the Deckard's Dream user group on FB if you can. They have nothing but the highest praise for the feel and playability, so here's hoping!

The "gestures" video I linked above just BLEW MY MIND - took it to a whole other level IMO, so many possible articulations and ways to shape a performance.