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Originally Posted by mixerguy ➡️
Wow - jslevin and Stoneface clearly aren’t listening to me, so this post is not for them, but for any ‘newbie’ that might benefit from some clear headed truths:

Is the ADC in ProTools HD a useful thing? Yes.
Is it worth having, if you can afford it? Yes.
Does it make life simpler? Yes.
Does ADC actually improve the actual sound of the mix buss (or mixer) - when mixing ITB - all other things aside? NO.
To all "newbies looking for clearheaded truths" ... do yourselves a favor and ignore this guy. It is true that bits are bits, and in the digital realm, tape is tape is tape. But not all mix engines are created equal, and the equivalency of the storage medium does not make for an equally good mixing system.

If you're looking for high-end mix quality, need to use lots of routing and inserts and absolutely can't get access to an HD system, then you absolutely should be using another DAW other than Pro Tools LE, one with a sophisticated ADC implementation. To suggest otherwise is just asinine. You can probably find 10,000 pages of "Pro Tools vs. the world" arguments here, but few if any other users are trying to make this ridiculous argument.

Oh yeah - jslevin and Stoneface - I hope you can somehow find peace and happiness in your lives..... you both clearly aren’t very happy people now. So much anger and aggression.... it must be very tiring for the people around you.
Oh, I see -- you're one of those "insult people and then leave a peace symbol" people. Awesome. You know nothing about my happiness or Stoneface's, yet you choose to post about it anyway. This is no surprise, given that you do the same thing with respect to digital recording.

I'd ask you to skip the psychoanalysis, but it seems less destructive than the misinformation you'd otherwise be spreading.