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It's been a while since I have read the white papers, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that both LE and HD systems use the same 48-bit fixed-point math when summing - can't find any mention of it in the white papers there now. Is the mixer plug-in the same in both versions?

In the current white papers, it only mentions the TDM version and how it passes data from one DSP chip to another - an option that would not be available on a host-based system.

To my knowledge there was/is no delay compensation in LE. There is a mention of some sort of plug-in:

Digi white papers:
Digidesign | Support | Digidesign Technical White Papers

As for latency in the cue mixes, reducing the hardware buffer size should alleviate this problem.

As far as converters go, the Myteks are very good. Apogees are another good choice. With an LE system, you will only be able to record up to 8 tracks simultaneously at up to 48 kHz with your good converters (ten if you have an additional 2-channel premium AD) - additional simultaneous tracks will end up going through the crappy LE-type interface converters. Were you to spring for the 96 Digital IO box, you could potentially run 16 channels of premium digital conversion at up to 96 kHz simultaneously.

Higher sampling rates aside and all other things being equal, the more channels of premium conversion you are running in a digital multitrack recording, the better the end result can potentially be:

Good source-> good room-> good mic-> good pre-> good converter-> good engineer = good recording

If you have only the first and the last elements in the chain, you still have a fighting chance with a 57 and an Mbox