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Originally Posted by jslevin ➡️
I know you haven't seen the proof or evidence. I think you should go find it.

......This subject is not worthy of an intelligent discussion; it belongs in a Basic Recording classroom.[/LIST]

Originally Posted by Stoneface ➡️

For mixing...LE can only compensate up to 1024 samples of delay. Where as HD can compensate for up to 8000+ for RTAS and an additional 4000+ on the TDM side. Yeah, I would call that overwhelming.
Originally Posted by Stoneface ➡️
Here it is again mixerguy...since you missed it. If you don't know why the above quote makes the HD mix engine better than LE, then I'd have to agree and say you'll have to do a search and read up on the diffrences on the two. The above is only one reason. After you get done researching this, you can go and look at the 48 bit depth, which really is 56, given the extra 8 bits over digital zero, worth of headroom. There's lots of topic on here discussing this but the above should be enough to reveal the "proof" you desire.
Wow - jslevin and Stoneface clearly aren’t listening to me, so this post is not for them, but for any ‘newbie’ that might benefit from some clear headed truths:

Is the ADC in ProTools HD a useful thing? Yes.
Is it worth having, if you can afford it? Yes.
Does it make life simpler? Yes.
Does ADC actually improve the actual sound of the mix buss (or mixer) - when mixing ITB - all other things aside? NO.

Can good quality, “pro” mixes be done in LE (as compared to TDM) - yes, in my opinion.

Does the “mixer” in ProTools LE sound significantly worse than TDM, if proper gain staging is used.. all other issues aside? NO. (in my opinion)

I post all this as it relates to the original question.

Oh yeah - jslevin and Stoneface - I hope you can somehow find peace and happiness in your lives..... you both clearly aren’t very happy people now. So much anger and aggression.... it must be very tiring for the people around you.