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Originally Posted by marcnyc ➡️
The owner and designer of all the gear showed me one of the Mytek A/D D/A converter and swears that it sounds better than Pro Tools HD converters.
There is no such thing as "Pro Tools HD converters." Converters are not the main feature of a Pro Tools HD system. Pro Tools HD can be used with any converters, including Mytek. Like many studios, we use Mytek as our main AD converters for our Pro Tools HD system.

If you use Mytek converters with Pro Tools LE, your system will not be the equal of ours. Your converters will be equal, but converters are only one small part of your signal path, and your signal path is only one small part of your whole system.

The Digidesign 192 i/o interface, often found with Pro Tools HD systems, includes solid, professional converters. The Digidesign 96 i/o interface, a cheaper option, is considered mediocre. Neither are considered premium converters, as the Myteks are. That probably is what he was trying to convey, but apparently did a poor job of it.

He pointed out that it is not a true test because you are still listening to your Pro Tools D/A converters (the true test would be to listen through Mytek D/A converters) but at least it is a place to start...
A very misleading statement. If the Mytek AD's superiority can't be detected except through a Mytek converter, then how much better could it really be? We monitor through Grace DA converters. Mytek DA converters are great, too. There is more than one right answer in this area.