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Originally Posted by Jorn Lavoll ➡️
Yes! That's how I'm doing it at least. I do most of the work in the DAW, and then when the time is right, I decide what to bus out through the Six. Or if it is a typical singy song, then I go:
1: lead vocal
2: bass
3: drums and percussion
4: everything else

That's my personal preference, because it is so quick and useful to quickly check those elements higher and lower in the mix. One finger on the fader, and you can make good decisions so quickly.

I originally planned on having the "everything else" channel be one of the two external input channels, but those channels arent as flexible when it comes to routing them to the foldbacks.

So I'm doing this (for now at least): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-VTnCEdC5A
That’s awesome mate!

Thank you for confirming that’s very helpful. I started patching things around yesterday and brought my main DAW outputs into the SSL now to finalise how I’m going to do the rest!