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Originally Posted by basswriter ➡️
My obsessive nature took over.

In addition to the Radial TS and HBA Gold, I added an HBA Lola with the 990C+ op amps. (Both HBA's have been on my watch/wish lists for over a year. Good excuse, yes?)

To follow MYN's lead, I'll pick up a Whirlwind SP1X3 splitter and will test all three simultaneously. I have a couple A Designs P1's and would love to use one as a fourth comparison. Haven't found a reputable mic-level splitter with more than 3-outs that isn't way above the $100-something I'm willing to spend.

Hopefully my test will be as useful as MYN's Gold/Lola Test. Hairball LOLA vs GOLD?

My hypothesis;

*All three will be great and slightly different.

*Seeing as I got both the Lola AND the Gold for $120 less than one new Radial, I'm gonna guess the latter won't live with me long.....unless it really knocks my socks off. Even then....not sure how many pres I need that fall into this tonal area.

The Radial is on back order and should show up in the next couple weeks.
Thank you, Sir! and... Woohoo! Now that is some grade-A Gearsluttin'

I read somewhere, probably on GS, that 3 splits is the most you should do from one mic signal, or it will get very noticeably degraded, so you may have to settle for tandem comparisons. But that is way cool.
I'm actually very interested in hearing the P1 in comparison.