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Old 15th September 2019
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After playing with mine for a few hours... (F8)

Key bed feels great but does require super human strength to get the AT going. That said you can retrigger keys so easily. I can't go any faster on my synth action key bed (Arturia key lab mkii) than I can here.

The sounds are really good.

The driver is not very good (on Mac). Seriously, this list is absurd:

  • Before you start up your sequencer or related software, use a USB cable to connect the FANTOM-6 7 8 to your computer and turn on the power of FANTOM-6 7 8.
  • Do not turn off the power of the FANTOM-6 7 8 or disconnect the USB cable during playback or recording. Doing so may cause your software or operating system to shut down abnormally.
  • You must first exit your sequencer or related software, and then switch off the FANTOM-6 7 8's power or disconnect the USB cable.
  • If you start or restart Mac while FANTOM-6 7 8 is still connected to Mac, the driver may not be loaded properly and you may not be able to use FANTOM-6 7 8.In such a case, disconnect FANTOM-6 7 8 and connect it to another USB port or turn on the power of FANTOM-6 7 8 after Mac starts up.
  • You must disconnect the FANTOM-6 7 8 from the computer before performing a software update for macOS. If you performed the macOS software update with the FANTOM-6 7 8 left connected, you will need to re-install the driver.
  • If the FANTOM-6 7 8 does not work correctly after resuming from Sleep mode or after restarting the operating system, you should exit all applications that use the FANTOM-6 7 8, and then disconnect the USB cable of the FANTOM-6 7 8 and reconnect it.
Its really finicky and seems to require one of my precious usbc ports for a direct connection. It does not like hubs. (Few manufacturers bother to make their things work through a hub which is insane when most usbc -> usba adapters act like hubs).

The worst problem though is that it won't send midi when you are using the internal sounds. So forget about recording the midi out and the audio out into Ableton if you want to use your nice brand-new keyboard. (If anyone has figured a way to do this let me know). So far my work around is to use a different keyboard into Ableton and then repeat the outputs to all the zones I want played at the same time. The other trick has been to use an unused zone as an "EXT" instrument into Ableton and record from that. But its a really silly limitation.

That said, I thought I was going to have a lot of buyers remorse and I have no regrets, this is a great piece of hardware.

Last note: my touchscreen seems really solid as well. And while I haven't dug that deep yet, it seems like you can use the knobs to control everything. I don't think I will be touching the screen that much.