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Old 11th September 2019
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Ok, so I went out to GuitarCenter last Sunday to audition the Fantom 8. I love this workstation overall, the key action is a dream, but the great thing about it, the touch display, is also the most concerning to me. I love the way the display was implemented from a software perspective, it improves the workflow so much, but the hardware feels VERY vulnerable. The most concerning is that when you slide your finger on it, the whole display shifts a few millimeters on the horizontal plane in every direction, seems like it's sitting loose inside the casing. This should never happen and Roland has got to fix that. I foresee a lot of recalls.

I want the Fantom 8 badly, I've been waiting a long time to replace my G8 with something worthy, but will wait for them to iron out the production flaws first.