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I will repeat my observation about OB-6 from another thread about different device:

I am surprised that my OB-6 has crippled random LFO when syncing it - which should reset LFO and set new unpredictable value with every key press. Try this: sync LFO (per manual: "the LFO wave cycle is reset when you press a key"), set some longer time (like 1 bar), set to random. Then play some sequence staccato by hand. LFO will give you same value for eternity. It will be random - at first, but being constant, it starts being predictable quite fast.

Just sayin' so some random lost soul, thinking about buying this synth for goa purpose, knows, that if he thinks, that he can make 1/16 with random cutoff values interlaced with 1/8, holding random value for whole note, he might be disappointed. I mean, there's a proper synth here, the best I ever had, with a lot of power and best sound I ever heard, but this one preset at the moment is impossible, despite manual claiming different.

P.S. Sent an e-mail to Sequential, claiming it as a bug.

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