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Originally Posted by markodarko ➡️
That’s a really good idea, Randy and I especially like how you annotated which patches are doing what as the sounds came in. Excellent idea.

More patch designers should do something like this as it gives potential buyers both a sense of context with how the sounds will work in a mix and also a shortcut to hearing many patches in a short amount of time.

Well done and best of luck with your venture.

Originally Posted by RobustAmerican ➡️
Yea it's a fine line on where to say enough is enough with that stuff. I could have added so much more info...

I'm glad you liked it. I'm thinking these videos could be so much more entertaining as well. Lots of ideas spinning in my head. "Funny" is always good.

At :24 in you hear some real sounding hand claps before all the drums kick in. Those claps are part of our first ever Nano Sample Pack and for a very short time they will be free. (Like 24 Hours Only) They were professionally recorded into Nuendo with an AKG C-414 B-XL II. The Pre-amp was the Audient ASP-880. They sound great and simply work in most arrangements with minimum fuss. You get 8 (24Bit/44Khz) samples in wave format and a basic Groove Agent preset.

Thanks you guys and enjoy the Clap Samples!