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Old 27th May 2019
New OB-6 Demo Song (Exclusively OB-6 & The Robust Americans)

Well here's a short song (2:15) produced with the OB-6 and a handful (6) of our more "commercial" patches exclusively. (Everything except the drums and a few fx where noted in the video) This genre is not really our cup of tea. (House) We're working on another demo song/soundscape that should be up soon for those that can't stomach the 4 on the floor thing.

There's lots of info in this video as text...Kind of a moment to moment commentary about what's happening. It may be too much and too fast in some places.

Finally, please listen to this on the best speakers you can muster.

I figured out the weirdness with the laptop sound. The damn thing had every conceivable, crappy audio enhancing fx turned on in the control panel settings. Turned it all off and my mix sounds like it should.

Thanks you guys!