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Hey All,

Just tidying up of the back end, these updated charts should have been posted in January , but blink and we are now almost in June.

LLP Database Update: May 2019 :

Not a lot of updates the last year, but here is the summary of the additions.

Antelope DISCRETE 8 : Results speak for themselves, I/O and RTL at respective latencies is on par to RME's TB offering , efficiency is again pretty much identical. Thats no small feat and I commend the Antelope Team for delivering on the promise, very impressive.

Unit has buffer settings down to 8 samples, but I focused on latency settings of 032 and above to maintain consistency with the database, and also those respective and preferred working latencies that are more viable and have workable efficiency.

A race to the bottom re latency is good to a point, but if its at the expense of viability and efficiency, then its losing focus of the target goal. Driver needs a few dots connected regards WDM capability under TB, which has yet to be finalized as of date of writing this summary

I have posted the USB2 results as well, which is the Thesycon V4 driver under the skin, near identical performance to other offerings using the same base driver ( i.e Audient ) , same quirk with identical listed playback latency for 032/064 with slightly differing results ? , most like a kernel/safety buffer variance. Nothing much to report , same ole same ole. The variance between the TB and USB performance is quite significant , which was not unexpected.

Lynx Aurora LT-TB : The Lynx Unit performed pretty much as I expected once I resolved the initial gremlins. Very good I/O and RTL, with good efficiency and stability at the respective buffer settings, that we have come to expect from Lynx over the years. Not overly surprising to be honest with their experience of the PCIe products that the technology is derived.

Last 12 Months in Review : Things seem to be slowing down regards new units that are focusing on better LLP , most Thunderbolt devices have delivered on the premise of equaling PCIe , USB2/3 performance is still dominated largely by RME , while most others are dependent on Thesycon shuffling the deck chairs. Ethernet protocols like Dante and AVB are proving themselves viable solutions in live and non critical LLP environments, with a new comer promising to shake that area up, but verdict is still out.

I do have to mention the biggest non show being the insanely overhyped and continually absent Slate unit , which was supposed to have rewritten the book on LLP with its so called proprietary chip ( 20 year old ESI chip ) and game changing cross platform performance. Almost 2 1/2 years after the ShamWow product launch, we are yet to see a final Windows drivers and no one can manage to spend 5 minutes to test and upload a complete RTL log even on the final OSX driver.

I'll let you all form your own conclusions, but I believe the days of vapourware and marketing on hyperbole has long passed.

Thats it for now, I'll be back when I have some fresh interface results to share.

And for those wondering, the new DAWbench website is still in the works, and the DAWbench Radio Show podcast is still on and actually not too far away.