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I guess I'll start, I discovered that colors do help to a certain point very late but I'm terrible at colouring my tracks after they've been recorded so I'm trying to keep a template with the colors pre-setup still trying to find out how to figure out the best colourful setup though but just separating stuff with color has helped me a great deal.

I also want to mention the template, I wish I was better at figuring out how I will work and take my song, but I've got a rather good template going, trying not to be too specific about it because well it will not be of help if I need to rearrange my tracks so I've tried just setting up the basic stuff that I know will happen and some options that doesn't clutter my session and bascially building from that.

I love pre-setup inputs so I've worked towards giving all my instruments, effects, mics etc their own specific input and even though it's a work in progress (seems to be a re-occuring theme) I feel it has helped me to create more than when I had to plugin and plug out cables.

My best tip is a desk that can be raised and lowered. I mean, wow, this is really one of my best investments, I also did some custom work on it, designed a studio table with cut outs for 2 x 4U racks, sadly I miscalculated some stuff with the rack rails which I'll need to figure out a workaround that hopefully will turn it into even something better than I first planned it to be, but it works fine now and holds 4U of rack gear. but back to the raised and lower table. It's such a fantastic thing to be able to do my work standing up and still be able to sit when I need to or feel to. It's not that I've got restless legs but I just feel it's so much nicer to just stand and walk around without having to sit down, stand up, sit down stand up every time I need to move around, tweaking or playing a synth etc. I recommend everyone that has thought about this to look further into getting a desk with raise and lowered function.

I guess that is what I have to contribute with for now.

What I myself wish I could get some help figuring out (my own contribution feels a bit awkward in comparison to what I'm asking here) is:

Finishing projects,
I start new projects every other day but never finish them, have over a hundred (lost a couple in a hard drive crash recently though, might be for the best..) it's like I feel that I wish to wait finish the track that to me feels like it has all the potential to being a really good song, that I want to become a better songwriter before I finish it, a better engineer, a better person overall but I also get tired of playing the same clip over and over again which makes me want to go and write something else, preferably in another scale. I know there's a ton of info about this subject and how to finish stuff and I haven't looked at everything but I'd really like to know what people with attention difficulty disorder are doing to finish projects, maybe their tips will work out better for me.

Questioning my perceptions and not trusting myself
I also have this thing, not sure if it's completely related to my ADD but it's where I try to figure out if something is right such as "is this synth sound right?" I mean that question is so silly but I still keep asking myself and questioning myself when it comes to decision, same goes with engineering gear, I always catch myself questioning if it's sound "right". All other areas in my life I know there's no such thing as right, I'm completely convinced that everything is "something" but there's no such thing as right (unless it's a question about something really logical like 2+2 is equal to 4) everything is relative depending on the perspective, I see the whole world this way except music (and visual art, to be completely honest).
How can I just learn to trust myself within music and audio? How can I actually understand and I mean really understand that as long as it sounds good to me it's alright? When this thought strikes, a sound I spent hours tweaking starts to dissolve, and it's like my brain is taking it apart, listening on the details, like every single note in there, and it's always able to find one that isn't sounding that great, and it enhances it, and if I try to remove it I've soon lost what it was that I liked in the first place. But this happens so fast, that I've got no chance of trusting my instincts. I really want to overcome this because it's such a obstacle for me.

I also have a thing for organisation, I guess it's related to the last paragraph, I want to find the right setup for me and I spend hours planning everything from time to time, I rarely follow though, because even if I've got like twice as many cables that I need, they're all the wrong length or something else helps me procrastinate finishing it, I'm guessing I have a feeling it's only temporary, every single time!
I would love how to know how other people have made what to me looks like the perfect setup for them. If I stopped rearranging stuff I could make more music and also have a setup that I can memorise and just follow. I have to admit that I think it's extremely pleasing and quite fun to organise and plan stuff but it get's less fun when you know that you'll take everything apart again within 3 months and start again.
How did you decide on your setup and workflow? It's time for me to make something permanent and move on to organising other stuff than my home studio.

I guess that's enough for this thread start. I really hope that this could actually be a thread to help each other out. I, myself, aren't taking any drugs to improve my concentration but I did try it both Ritalin, Concerta and some street amphetamine a couple of times (mostly to party in my younger days but also to get things done) and the only thing that actually worked was speed it gave me a great buzz of course and I reacted very different to everyone else that took it but the withdrawal lasted way too long, couldn't sleep for 6-10 hours after the anxiety came and well, not for me.
Concerta and Ritalin just gave me a tiny energy boost for 2 hours then an 8 hour long withdraw not as painful physically as the speed but just as much anxiety and I couldn't do much more after work than to lie in bed and wait it out and then go to sleep (for a year!), though my perception for audio improved, like I heard the details so much more clearer.
I tried it for a year and my doctor kept raising the dosage when I said I didn't feel too well, so I decided to quit the drugs and I'm not very interested in going back to them, as I understand it's rather hard to threat a patient with ADD compared to ADHD, and since I also have Atypical Autism it's