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Helpful tools, tips & trick, workflows, strategies and whatever for living with ADD

This thread is about helping your fellow ADD/ADHD people with the knowledge that you've had big use of to deal with the usual problems that often come with these diagnosis (concentration issues, not being able to finish what you've started, not seeing the big picture but only the details)

Do you have something that you want help to figure out how to best deal with?
Do you have some knowledge to share with us other?

Below is the original thread with some not so relevant text.

I got this idea from a poster in one or my other threads, I had a hard time explaining why it was so important for me to develop a good naming / labelling system for my tracks and groups and create a template with it.
Instead he said and believed that this was the wrong focus for me and now I really understand why he couldn't understand what I was coming from.. Because it's very hard to explain something for someone that haven't experienced what you have experience (for all your life).
Worth mentioning is that he probably were right about the labelling structure not being as important and probably wouldn't have helped me as much as I thought but I totally failed to explain how it might could help me with the bigger picture of things (which is something I'm terrible at, looking at things from a larger perspective).

The is poster advised me to go and create a thread and ask what people with a ADD or ADHD diagnosis have done to solve some of the music related problems they've faced and how they came to solve them, which of course is a great idea and here's that thread and I hope it could be used to share experiences, some tips and tools that have helped you with different ADD-related problems and also ask others for help with your own problems.

Please let this be a serious thread. There's of course room for discussions but please note that this thread primarily is for music production-problems that people with ADD and ADHD can face and of course the solutions.

So.. I'm sure there must be some fellow ADD people hanging around here and of course we're not all the same and have the same problems but many of us of course share the same problems.

I'm hoping to learn a lot more tricks from you, maybe find some tools that could make my life easier and also of course contribute myself when I can.

I'm coming from a musician background, been playing music for about 15 years, writing my own stuff for almost as long and recording it for the last 10 years and therefore my knowledge and interest is mainly with writing and recording / producing music but of course everyone including those without the diagnosis theirselves but feel they have something that could contribute because there's certainly someone out there that will appreciate it the only rule is that it needs to be audio and ADD/ADHD related.

I'm sure there must be some people here with these diagnoses, unless Gearslutz are unique with its userbase, I'd actually expect there's even a higher percentage of people with it here.