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Originally Posted by FunkStar ➡️
I have been telling people about these bugs for years but no one else seemed to care. It's not just the S&H LFO, but any of the LFOs that have abruptly changing values, like square, saw, etc. I know because when I upload the patches to my TX7 through a midi out I soldered to the Volca FM, the patches sound as they should. For a while I was using the Volca to edit patches that I would then upload to my TX7, but the buggy implementation really turned me off. Turned me off of the whole Volca line, frankly, that Korg never bothered to fix the firmware.
Yes well you were 100% correct and at least I do care :-) the S&H bug is pretty severe, consisting of a) a scaling error of 256x, and b) an error in the timing comparison, resulting in roughly 25% of the LFO period it will resample the value 50000 times a second, giving that noise "beat". Baaad programmer, no cookie for you!

Could you please point me toward a good example of a (say) square LFO patch that sounds fundamentally different in dexed than on the FM? I noticed the S&H behaviour very prominently once I was made aware of its existence, by a reddit post (perhaps by you?)