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Old 18th May 2019
Sorry for the lack of updates, don't worry me and my associate are still hard at work but we have been working on stuff under the hood for the past month or so which means there wasn't much new to actually show.
This work is just as important if not more than the rest I've been showing, it's what allows the actual hardware to be up and running in a very stable, effective way with almost zero latency. It's what makes this project move from the cool DIY project realm into something more serious and distributable.
It's also necessary work in order to get the 8 outputs functional, the analog filters etc...

We're truly almost done, appart from some work left on driving the audio multiplexing, everything is working. I will have a PCB to show off in more details in a matter of weeks. At which point I'll start working on things like the MIDI implementation and project saving/loading and will be back to posting updates more or less weekly.

Thanks to you guys for your patience and support. Trust me, this thing will come to life and you'll be able to get your hands on it.