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Old 14th May 2019
Here for the gear
Thank you for your continuing to follow up, Reptil. Last matter first, I will engage patience in respect to the ongoing efforts following the stresses of this event.

Looking at the photos offered as close as I can. There is a righthand potentiometer presently labeled "SPICING". Is this
a) randomized pitch modulation or waveform phase drift between the VCOs?
b) a degree of randomness applied to the currently selected editable parameter such as attack, decay, release, LFO depth or LFO speed?
c) a pun on "spacing", as applied to relative offset between cutoff frequency of the state variable filter versus the values of the four format filter values?
d) something else?

(time will tell when it is ready to so do)

A lefthand potentiometer is labeled with a non-standard font, and is the opposite of the arpeggiator controls on the right. What is its intended function?

First matter last: Thanks, will visit the link re: XYZ keyboard soon!