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Originally Posted by PatG ➡️
I cannot easily recall seeing or playing an analogue synth that was bilaterally symmetrical, and note that the expression pads on the left and right appear to have identical functionality. Further, the eight lower buttons on the right are labeled "Left Hand Favorites", and the corresponding buttons on the left are labeled "Right Hand Favorites". Are these for ease of use irrespective of the players' dominant hand?
And please check the video about the XYZ keyboard (linked above), it is something special!
Originally Posted by PatG ➡️
Does the Pan easily accommodate the ARP-2600 technique of inverting the keyboard pitch, such that the highest note is on the leftmost key and the lowest note on the rightmost key? (I recall reading somewhere that Josef Zawinul was fond of this)
Yes, he was.

Good question. I do not know the answer. I've invited the developers Bert and Felix to comment in this thread.
Please take into account that Superbooth is a very demanding adventure for small manufacturers and it will take some days for them to get everything home and back to normal again?