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Originally Posted by pelican ➡️
yeah man, can't wait for the video. It's hard to believe all the stuff I wanted to see has hardly any coverage
There's a reason for that:
Superbooth is huge now. (220 booths) The multiple-person reporter crews have to make choices. Often they do before the show even starts. They then focus on the popular, big name manufacturers who have marketing strategies and targets, or only one part of the gear available (for example only report about eurorack modules) And because a lot of manufacurers don't even have a proper functioning media representation (and are super busy getting it all ready and working in the weeks before and don't advertise) often, nothing can be planned there, because they just don't have the time to spend on that.
That is part of what makes Superbooth great, though.. There's an equal opportunity to present the gear for both big and small.

Syntonovo Pan is something special. It's a keyboard player/synthesist's dream I think! And I'm happy we can offer a video soon.