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Syntonovo Pan: Biggest sounding synth of the Superbooth?

Syntonovo is the new company from Felix Visser and Bert Vermeulen. Two of the people originally involved in the Synton synthesizer company (link).

So, they've created a brandnew synthesizer. Last year, they were showing the "Pan" prototype, but this is a different looking production model

It's obviously a synth that beckons to be played. It has that XYZ keyboard (see this video from 2017. It has those two black rectangle-shaped touchplate controllers (just like on the original Synton Syrinx from 1983) but now has a large screen with tactile controls next to it, to access the parameters.

What's under the hood? I would advise to watch our upcoming video, in which you can also hear it. (we'll link it here when that is up) Let's say they're doing the synthesizer thing a little different.
Originally Posted by Bert Vermeulen
"Let's make a monophonic synth. Let's give it eight oscillators. Yeah that should be enough".
How does it sound? It has a clear, big sound. When you think "that's it" then that turns out to be just a part of what it can do. Bert is laughing in that video because of the face I must've pulled when hearing it for the first time. Obiviously they worked very hard for years towards this result (two very different complex synths).

Here's the video. Please note this is a "first look" from a busy trade floor, and there's some distortion in the sound (at 4:40 minutes in) that is due to the gear I used (iPhone with Roland Mix:ONE Pro), not the synth. (the Pan sounds fine).

In my opinion it was worth it. There's no measuring stick for "huge synth sound" but this one is at the very top. That, with the flexible, innovative synthesis architecture, the easy access to all the parameters, that the synth physically is not that large and heavy (as some polyphonic monsters), and with the inviting playabliity of the big, precise knobs, the touchplates and the XYZ Keyboard they invented, makes this a well balanced combination. It's not just some experiment, this is a serious, innovative musical instrument.

Check out their website for information about availability and pricing.
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