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Originally Posted by RobustAmerican ➡️
The filter bashers probably don't realize that all modulations are added up. And they add up quickly. It's very easy to end up with the filter wide open if you don't watch all the various sources of modulations. I actually used the 2 pole setting quite a bit however.
Agreed on that filter observation. I've learned quite a few techniques to mitigate the "Curtis effect":

- 2-pole mode on the filter
- Key Amt (filter keytracking) at low levels
- low LPF ENV amount
- HP Filter FX with very low cutoff and max res
- medium FX Distortion with tone lowered
- ENV or very slow LFO to OSC waveshape
- OSC mix set to just one OSC

Those last 2 techniques are really effective. I've found that the OSCs are as guilty as the filter. You can really get around that cold, DCO feeling by paying close attention to the OSC waveshape and sweeping it subtly to really expand the sonic palette. You can get something like detuning or swept filter effects, on one OSC, using waveshaping, before you even reach the filter.

Regarding your workaround for that Dual Glide patch -- OSC Glide is an NRPN destination (NRPN 3 and 8). Of course, you'll need to manipulate them via an external method. It would've been awesome if Dave left a couple knobs open to be assigned CCs or NRPNs freely, in order to modulate more than the displayed mod destinations.