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Originally Posted by topaz ➡️
Poor advice, I have been married for 18 years and have a daughter the same age.

I know people that have lots of family and friends who have social anxiety.

It's not as binary as you think.
It's not a poor advice, if done right. Family is key in anxiety, but, depends how close you are with your family. If there is not enough love...yeah, it gets complicated.
All things considered you probably need a change in your habits of some sort. So, explore more, you talk about social anxiety, hence start being social, as social as you can be, if this is the problem. You need to invest time and efforts to make it happen, figure out what you crave for and do it, it's really that simple. You make it complicated in your head because mentally and physically you are accustomed so a certain routine and the body doesn't like changes, well, as they say...nothing grows in the comfort zone, so step out of it and change habits. It's going to hurt a little, but...has to be done. Your heart doesn't lie, and sounds like your heart is trying to speak to you via this anxieties. So, do what you always do...listen. Cheers!