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Originally Posted by Bungle ➡️
I gotta be honest, now that i know this is gonna be open source, it is pretty much the most exciting thing to happen in the music tech world for me personally, I get GAS for every new bit of kit released, but that wears off after about twenty minutes when i weigh up pretty much every current developers reputation for firmware updates and bug fixes lol.

So hopefully you will be using a standard case design and doing official panels and PCBs etc to make yourself some money Low Hiss ?

I think you could build a huge cottage industry here, especially if you can do a battery mod, the portablism guys (one of which i am) will lose their junk over this.
Especially if you could do a mini cased portable version too, damn.
Thank you, glad you understand the vision behind making it open source. It's something that really lacks in the music hardware & software industry, and if people like JJ managed to do what he did with the MPC 1000 and 2500 OS through reverse engineering, just imagine what could come out with something open and well documented.

I will most likely offer fully assembled units as well as diy kits with the pcb, enclosure and components.
It can already be portable and run on battery, it takes micro USB for power so you can use basically any smartphone powerbank.

An early cardboard enclosure for the prototype is in the works right now, that'll give you guys a better idea of what a final unit may look like. Think SP but smaller basically.