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Yes I agree, my point is just that most new to synth's can get wrapped up in folks here dismissing synth's that don't cost three grand or higher when the differences are usually pretty small of like synth's, I'm not saying a Moog sounds like a sequential's sound or something. But I do think allot of analog synth's sound somewhat the same on a newbie level. All of these choices sounds good though.. pro5 loves to make them seem like they all will break your ears or something.
This is a good point, if you look at a lot of criticism's of the Rev 2's sound, its that it doesn't sound like synths costing a lot more and there often seems a total lack of perspective.

Its hard to find a better poly synth for less, vintage or new and anything "better" often has the price tag to match. Its a great synth that will appeal to people used to highly featured softsynths.

But GS wouldn't be GS if paying like 3k for out of tune VCO's wasn't a perfectly reasonable thing to do.