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Yes I agree, my point is just that most new to synth's can get wrapped up in folks here dismissing synth's that don't cost three grand or higher when the differences are usually pretty small of like synth's, I'm not saying a Moog sounds like a sequential's sound or something. But I do think allot of analog synth's sound somewhat the same on a newbie level. All of these choices sounds good though.. pro5 loves to make them seem like they all will break your ears or something.
Oh sure. Could I make a sound that was indistinguishable from the Dominion to the ATC? Of course. Any of us who thinks that we don't have a lot of overlap, especially in analog instruments, is lying to themselves. Don't even go into the fact that I don't really need both types of sounds. I just feel like I need them, and I'm lucky enough to be able to have them.

As for pro5, he's a lot easier to take if you just put him on ignore and only see him quoted by other people.