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Old 25th February 2019
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As time goes on I find I care less and less about this forums "opinions". I have heard for the past year how much better the vintage prophet 5 is to my prophet 6 and the past week I have had the luck to make a friend that actually owns a prophet 5 and spent allot of time on it. I have found despite all the "opinions" they basically sound the same to me.. none of the vintage mojo or oscillator wobble people love to rant on and on about, they sound about the same, like a synthesizer, they both sound like a harmonica untell you start messing with it just like any other analog.. I mean there are small differences but nothing Earth shattering, I have been pretty eyes open about the whole experience and I think most people are just full of it, just get the synth you want and make music, everything else is academic, wine sniffing by folks that spend time polishing synth's rather than playing them. I bet the rev2 sounds great or the prologue, I haven't played them but most expensive synth's sound good, that is the point right? They are not gonna sound bad.