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Totally get it. I used to tour a lot and was very extroverted and bouncy. These days I spend 12-16 hours in the studio every day and have definitely become more introverted. It's truly a blessing to be able to create music for a living and I love it, but rut's can happen. It helps that my Wife and Kids are around to keep me sane, but I've also spent weeks alone in the studio with family out of town.

My advice is to find something to work on with your hands (woodwork, welding, auto work, underwater basket weaving) something that requires physical work and gives you a sense of satisfaction when it's complete. Even if you suck, it's going to relive stress and you will get better at whatever catches your interest. I personally love going out and mowing the lawn or building a desk or changing my brake pads. Hunting and fishing are great too if you are in an area where that is possible.

Hobbies are essential if you do what would otherwise be a hobby for your full time job, like music.

Also, force yourself to be social. Go to some lame parties or shows. Just be around people. You don't need to force interactions, just go where people are and be part of a crowd. Enjoy a football game at the pub, interactions will happen and it can help.

Keep your chin up, you will be alright!