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Originally Posted by sirthought ➡️
For those looking for vocal examples...a thread on the forum RGO (Real Gear Online) has a guy singing into two settings on the TG mic and then against his modded Upton 251.

You have to read through a few pages to find the clips, but they are there and certainly very impressive. He recorded them into a Capi preamp going into an Apollo X—so very nice front end.

The Upton 251 had a bit more of a lower mids to mids push, where the TG was pushing slightly on the upper mids. But they are so close, you really have to pay close attention to tell what is unique from one mic to the next.

Given the fact that the TG has 20 EQ setting options, getting it to sound just like the Upton may have happened. The Upton costs $4,500 versus the TG at $1,850.

Bottom line is this is a quality mic. From what I've heard this mic can sound big and expensive.

I think it's going to be a hit for any studio.
See, I didn’t find them close. And I don’t mean that in a disparaging way. It’s just that I could easily identify them in a blind comparison every time. I think the Upton sounds softer, more “vintage”, mid forward. The TG sounds more “hi-fi”, big bottom, clear top. Both very good in different ways.