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Originally Posted by nott ➡️
Hi Peter, I have a few questions:
1: which version of ARC is implemented (v1, v2)?
2: is it possible to take a multi-point measurement?
3: what about any latency caused by the ARC DSP?
4: what about the latency of the internal AD-DA converters?
5: how big is the whole latency in ms (I had a Trinnov system and the latency was really high)
6: is there a chance to optimize the ARC curve over a computer via Lan?
7: can I use the MTM horizontal, too?

Hey nott!

Thanks for the interest here, let's see how I can answer these for you.

1) This is a derived calibration system from our Arc 2 system optimized for the iLoud MTMs. This is not itself Arc 1 or Arc 2.

2) The iLoud MTMs are designed for a single measurement point. This would be the listening area or sweet spot.

3) This will be unnoticeable.

4/5) At this time we do not have this information on hand. As mentioned with the point above, any latency should be close to unnoticeable. From the perspective of a user, these speakers should act like any non-DSP based speakers. Similar to the iLoud Micro Monitors.

6) No, this is not planned.

7) Yes, this is possible, however the vertical and horizontal dispersion of iLoud MTM is optimized for a vertical orientation. Placing it horizontally will make horizontal dispersion to become more narrow creating a more smaller mixing sweet spot. While this can be useful in some cases like a center speaker of a surround sound set up, in a traditional L/R set up, this would not be suggested.