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Old 24th January 2019
Here for the gear
Love my Tannoy Reveal 502s.

At the high end, they have great clarity and definition tempered by an awesome mid-range that behaves very well, (as the small woofer and the tweeter designs don't have to work too hard to meet gracefully in the middle). As a result, vocals come across as sounding natural and open.

The low end is super tight and punchy - works great for the type of music I do. When I need to go in the sub ranges, I turn on my Presonus T10. Both work really well toghether.

I love the 3.5 mm jack in the back to plug in my iPhone if I just want to hear some tunes.

The sense of stereo perspective is amazing, with a very wide sweet spot. They're very affordable and deliver a balanced sound that you can work with for extended periods (no ear fatigue). Once you learn them, you'll love them. All of my mixes translate well. NOTE: You should use these with some room treatment for good translation of your mixes. I also have these grouped with Sonarworks and some DMSD-50 Decouplers, which really fixed everything I had to EQ for (instrument smearing).

Some folks have complained of a buzzing noise, but Tannoy has fixed that.

For my upgrade set, (I get that they are above the price range of this list), I will be getting the HEDD Type 07's. I tried them out against the Eve's and a few others on this list, in the same ruler-flat treated room. If your looking for mastering-level translation with no hype, you have to hear the 07's. Using my DMSD-50 Decouplers, I felt like I could literally reach out and grab each instrument in space. ZERO smearing. I think the HEDD Type 05's are $1200, so they would be close enough to warrent a listen for folks who want to stay within this list's price range also.