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Originally Posted by Lagerfeldt ➡️
If you examine a downloaded video from YouTube and look at the audio stream it's 44.1 kHz regardless of what you uploaded (last I checked, but feel free to do a more recent check).

So playing back at 48 kHz from YouTube would give you 44.1 kHz > realtime aka. low quality SRC > 48 kHz.

Core Audio on Mac handles this in the background and it sounds somewhere between acceptable and crap, especially ruining transient timing with resulting metallic artifacts.

Not sure how it's handled on a Windows PC.

TL;DR: Use 44.1 kHz for playback on YouTube.
Thanks man!, really i don't understand why Youtube ask for 48k audio to then go for a SRC to 44.1k (and then me thinking that the video standard is 48... another SRC)

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