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Originally Posted by b0se ➡️
Yet to test the comp, but isn't it a bit odd to have a mastering compressor with input and output gain limited to (very large) 2dB increments?

Is there a shift+click or similar to allow fine control? (Especially for the output, since the headroom dial allows for input fine tuning.)

Thanks for the vid @ Jeezo , will watch that this evening!
Check out the features overview video for some answers about that. It is more for tone shaping than a simple gain staging option. It controls how the how unit behaves. Going by that, if you have a +6db input gain with a gain plugin before with internal input gain set to neutral 0 and then compare that with no external plugin and +6db set within Iron, I believe there will be a difference.

Haven't tested that though but that's what the creators sound like they're saying, to my mind.