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Old 9th January 2019
Hi All

Good news! In the latest Windows Insider build, flighting today, we’ve increased the FLS slot limit to over 4000, from the 128 it is today. Although we really would prefer that plugin developers dynamically link the VC++ runtime (for bug fixes, security fixes, and just not loading duplicate code in memory), we recognize this was a blocking issue for you all, and so wanted to address it.

As part of this, we rewrote the code that handled the allocation to make it much easier to increase the limit in the future, when/if that is needed. All of this is implemented in the OS and is transparent to applications.

If all goes well and no issues are discovered during flighting, this will be in the next release of Windows 10 (19H1).
Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18312 | Windows Experience Blog

If you test the FLS allocation on this insider build, please do report back your findings.