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They fixed the tuning issue in the last firmware. I think its a better sounding synth, and better built that the 08 by quite a margin (great reverb as well). It can also wander into the prophets brassy territory too. Would choose it over the rev2 if it was only going to be one synth...but I do like the curtis, also very limited modulation in the korg, no sequencer either ( can always use a pedal for AT, not ideal though) ...slutz buy both
Yeah, sadly this Gearslut can’t fit everything I’d like, so a keyboard that doesn’t have aftertouch has no place in my world. I think Korg also blew it by creating a cool user configurable oscillator that’s starved for modulation sources. I’d also venture to say that, to me, it doesn’t sound “better.” Better at some things, for sure, but I happen to really like that DSI Curtis sound. I’m currently looking at all my hardware in a very critical way, and I know that I’ll always want to have one in my studio, though I’m not sure if I’ll keep my Tempest or my Tetras. I’m relocating it all today, so we’ll see. Maybe I can find a way to fit both.