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Originally Posted by zerocrossing ➡️

I really like the sound of the Korg Prologue, but I’m not sure they’ve fixed the tuning issues... or if all units suffer from that particular defect/bug. I’d be very careful and make sure you buy one from a place that lets you return it if there’s an issue. I never bothered digging into that debacle, as they left off aftertouch, (in it’s own keyboard or from external keyboards) and that’s a big no-no for me. If you’re new to keys, that’s a feature that let’s you press down (sometimes it is called “pressure” in keyboards) after a note is struck and add some expression/modulation to the sound. Think of it like a mod wheel that allows you to keep your both hands on the keys and that springs back to zero.

They fixed the tuning issue in the last firmware. I think its a better sounding synth, and better built that the 08 by quite a margin (great reverb as well). It can also wander into the prophets brassy territory too. Would choose it over the rev2 if it was only going to be one synth...but I do like the curtis, also very limited modulation in the korg, no sequencer either ( can always use a pedal for AT, not ideal though) ...slutz buy both