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Originally Posted by summergreen ➡️
A pair of JBL LSR305's gets my vote for greatest music bargain ever. I love them. An astonishing value!!

The Yamaha HS8s should be on the other list and not sure why they missed the cut.
This has been the truth for years, but now with the release of the Kali Audio LP-6, I'm not so sure. The LP-6 might take the LSR305's crown.

I have a pair of the 305s, and I love them!

I have to take that back; I'm now noticing the difference in price here. The LSR305s can be had for 129.00USD while the LP-6 is 149.00USD. The JBL LSR306 is 169.00USD, but is a 6.5" woofer, like the LP-6, but is 30 Bucks more than the LP-6. Although it presents a better value than the LSR 306s, it can't really compare to the 305's 5" woofer and consequently, its price.

With that said, the JBL LSR305 is still, in my opinion, the best value for $130.00. But I think if someone can pony up an additional 60 bucks (for a pair), the LP-6 would be the way to go.