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Originally Posted by 8bits ➡️
As far as I can tell, what you want is impossible on a synth with presets unless EVERY recordable control is motorised. If the pots were motorised, hitting a preset would move the pots back to the positions they were in at the moment the preset was saved. (impractical, expensive and unreliable)

As already mentioned by Mefistophelees pass-thru mode allows the pot to be moved and the setting remain unchanged until the pot is moved back into (or passed-through) the position recorded at the moment the preset was saved. Only at this point does the setting begin changing.

Moog also do this, so it's not just a DSI thing. It stems from having to digitally record the positions of analogue controls for later recall.

Pressing the P12's "Show" button allows the user to move a control and have the current setting show on the OLED display WITHOUT altering the preset parameter. Unlike Ableton's Push, the P12's controls are not capacitive and the system can't tell when they're being touched, only when they're being moved; hence the need for the Show button.

Using a combination of pass-thru mode and the Show button will get you close to what you want.
Check Nord Lead 3.