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Hey All,

Blowing the cobwebs off the interface test bench.

Antelope Discrete 8 : I have this unit on hand testing the latest BETA driver for Thunderbolt 2 which will be available as a final release shortly ( if it hasn't dropped as yet. )

There has been a lot of interest and discussion regarding the Thunderbolt Windows driver development for Antelope over the last 12-18 months , and it was announced earlier this year by their reps here at GS that the driver was getting close to release. I was lucky enough to be sent a unit for some final testing of the driver.

Results speak for themselves, I/O and RTL at respective latencies is on par to RME's TB offering , efficiency is again pretty much identical. Thats no small feat and I commend the Antelope Team for delivering on the promise, very impressive.

Unit has buffer settings down to 8 samples, but I focused on latency settings of 032 and above to maintain consistency with the database, and also those respective and preferred working latencies that are more viable and have workable efficiency.

A race to the bottom re latency is good to a point, but if its at the expense of viability and efficiency, then its losing focus of the target goal.

Driver needs a few dots connected regards WDM capability under TB, which I have been told is coming.

I have posted the USB2 results as well, which is the Thesycon V4 driver under the skin, near identical performance to other offerings using the same base driver ( i.e Audient ) , same quirk with identical listed playback latency for 032/064 with slightly differing results ? , most like a kernel/safety buffer variance.

Nothing much to report , same ole same ole. The variance between the TB and USB performance is quite significant , which was not unexpected.

Audio Interface LLP : Thunderbolt 2 : Best of 2018

Here are the best 4 units I tested up to this point , all showing impressive respective and comparative performance. The bar has been set pretty high, lets see where the dust settles in future releases.

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