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Lives for gear
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Born 1971. Kind of fun to put this together, might have forgot a couple things. Also a little embarrassing noticing how much I've gone through, oh well. Analog stuff in the 80s and early 90s was cheap to buy, but also cheap to sell. Bold stuff is currently owned.


Korg Polysix
Roland D-10
Oberheim Matrix 6R
Ensoniq EPS
Korg 707


Roland D-50
Roland D-70
Roland Jupiter 6
Roland Juno 106
Roland Sound Canvas
Ensoniq EPS 16+
Ensoniq ESQ-M
Ensoniq ASR-10
Ensoniq SQ-R
Yamaha FB01
Arp Odyssey (Black & Orange model)
Arp Pro Soloist
Arp Solina
Korg 05R/W
Korg DW-8000
Roland JP-8000


Alesis QS8
Roland JV-1010
Yamaha MM6


Moog Slim Phatty
Novation Ultranova
Korg R3
Korg MS20 Mini
Korg Arp Odyssey
Waldorf Streichfett
Arturia Minibrute
Arturia Microbrute
Roland FA-06
Roland JU-06
Roland JP-08
Dave Smith Prophet 08
Behringer Model D
Behringer Deepmind 12
Yamaha MX-88BK
Roland D-05