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Hey everyone,

I'm currently testing the Nohype Audio LRM-V for a German music magazine and I could compare it to a Coles 4038 in the last days. At the bottom you will find some preview comparison files.

I have to say that I'm very impressed by the performance of the LRM-V.
Right from the start when I heard my voice for the first time through it I instantly thought "Wow, that sounds real".
It's hard to put sound into words, but "real", "alive" and also "beefy" comes to mind when I use the LRM-V. The output is pretty strong for a ribbon. The built quality is great and the included shock-mount (!) that is similar to the one of the Coles 4072 does a great job!
It's really an amazing ribbon mic with an unbelievable price tag. Well done J-P!

About the upright piano recording:
Blumlein stereo, Coles 4038 and Nohype LRM-V are about 1 meter away behind the players head. Both Blumlein setups are 20 cm away from each other. It's a bit tricky to match the levels.

The preamp on all samples is the Sound Devices MixPre6

Now it's your turn. What do you prefer?
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Piano-Blumlein-A-Sounddevices-MixPre.mp3 (474.6 KB, 5585 views)

Piano-Blumlein-B-Sounddevices-MixPre.mp3 (474.6 KB, 5421 views)

Piano-Blumlein-A-Sounddevices-MixPre.wav (3.30 MB, 5786 views)

Piano-Blumlein-B-Sounddevices-MixPre.wav (3.30 MB, 5644 views)

AGit-Strumming-A-Sounddevices-MixPre.mp3 (690.3 KB, 5487 views)

AGit-Strumming-B-Sounddevices-MixPre.mp3 (690.3 KB, 5568 views)

AGit-Strumming-A-Sounddevices-MixPre.wav (4.81 MB, 5830 views)

AGit-Strumming-B-Sounddevices-MixPre.wav (4.81 MB, 5768 views)