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Originally Posted by bliquid25 ➡️
Same for owners of the M4L version, i.e. any customer who bought any Re-Compose product is eligible for the cross-grade offer.

The CPU reading of 99% in that photo is only a mockup of the final user interface, which is yet to be implemented before release of the software. We've changed this screenshot and informed resellers to update their photos so there is no confusion.

Actual CPU performance varies by your machine's capabilities and spectral resolution settings chosen. There's multi-core support included so it's already optimized as we acknowledge that, given all the effects included, it is a fairly CPU hungry plug-in - to give you an idea of what to expect, here from one of our beta testers (running a Mac Pro 5.1 with 12 core 2 x 2.93 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon and 64GB Ram): "[..] running a spectral resolution of 32K in multicore mode gave me a CPU reading of 1% and in single around 13%."

Other people on Mac and Windows machines with different specs have reported similar CPU performance. Take this numbers with a grain of salt, as we haven't completed the entire optimization process in the beta version used for the above figures - so, they might drop a bit. Especially on Windows machines there's more to come yet before release of the software.


Glad I can crossgrade, assuming Ill be able to demo it.

I have quite a few VST spectral packages so need to see if it offers something different.