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Old 23rd October 2018
I know I’m ressurecting the dead here but I was just at a studio opening (Electric Garden, check them out!) in Brooklyn and none other than Ricki the old tech from electric lady (pre-2006 when I got there) approached me as I was taking this picture and simply said, “those ADM 770’s are the absolute holy grail inductive EQ’s on the planet when racked properly.” They seem to share the same family of the old electrodyne and spectrasonics yet Ricki claims even bigger and more musical. I don’t know bout you but when one of the greatest techs on the planet uses the words, “ holy grail” I get some terrible g.a.s. They were feet away from an absurd amount of gear too, GML eq’s, masenburgs, etc...

I’ve got a friend at Kizmit Studios in BK with Sinatra’s old electrodyne and a pair of v610 spectrasonics comps and he and we were like, why have we not heard of these?? I’m on a mission to buy a pair myself now of course. Because that’s what slutz do don’t we. We Facepalm and spend some of that rent money.

Anyone else using these in 2018? Is there any other ADM model similar (having a real tpugh time finding 770’s)?Are these that amazing? Is anyone working on an old ADM console these days? Thanks all!