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Originally Posted by calvinz ➡️
I have the stands currently on carpet. Do I need to use spikes at the base of the stand to de-couple them from the floor or is that not necessary?
The spikes will couple the speaker (or stands in this case) to the floor. The spikes will penetrate the carpet, thus bypassing any decoupeling action the carpet might provide (probably not very much). This might be good or bad depeinging on the situation:

If solid, heavy concreet slab on ground; it might be a good, easy way to keeping the speakers from moving around and possibly wobbling since any decoupling offerd by a carpet will not be very effective in the lower range (you need dedicated feets that matches the weight of the speaker and this speaker need to be very heavy in order to reach a low resonant frequency needed to provide decent decoupling down low).

If not on ground floor and not very thick/massive concreet floor, but relativly lightweight floor that can easely resonate; a proper decoupeling is the best option (actually, it's the best option in any case if done right if the speakers are heavy enough), but again; spikes does NOT decouple, they do the opposite if anything.

The totalt confusion regarding spikes in the audiophile lala-land is truly fascinating.