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Originally Posted by jpgerard ➡️
Wow... thanks! Looks like you won't be returning it :)
There could be only one reason to return it - it's too good for me ha ha!

But let me indulge this luxury sort of as a retirement present after 40 plus years chasing a good vocal and guitar sound.

It's also tempting to think maybe the gods rewarded me for all the 'boutique' crap i naively fell for and when they crap out you're on your own...

But i wanted to as prosaically as possible describe the new or rather expanded dimensions i discovered last night that made me fall helplessly foreverly in love (for a vocalist falling truly in love with a microphone is emotionally very akin to meeting a 'soulmate' - suddenly you SEE them and see they SEE you and at that moment you know this is forever)...

back to prose i just got off the phone with a fellow ribbon fan who runs a studio with all the vintage 251, M49, U67, forget if C12 too and V76 etc assortment. He's in a session right now but we'll talk tomorrow and i know he'll be keen to hear it and i'm very keen to hear it side by side with the old sweeties.

So last night i moved the LRM V towards a treated corner so there'll be less room resonance and tried to sing more high register than my custom lo baritone, but still without EQ or lo cut as i just enjoy hearing the whole mic too much right now and more eager to remove outer disturbances... with that set up, i just navigated from starting place an arm's length out to maybe 30 cms, and also moving from center to side in all kinds of ways, and the beautiful subtleties i discovered were just stunning.

Point one: i've already mentioned how sensitive, alive it reacts. Now i discovered not only it is generally very reactive, but down to finest details.

This is very much akin to playing a handwound alnico 3 vintage pickup on a handmade one-piece guitar for the first time and being flabbergasted how his thing jumps at the most minute notion in your finger... before your mind was even aware of it.

Here i discovered for example that by remaining at the same position, say 40 cms, i can sing Aaa very softly and the sound is pure silk and ever so souflée cream. I push that vowel just a little more and hear what i called the spark or sizzle mix into the sound, last night i'd just called them harmonics (sweeet they sounded)... once you get the hang of these very-finely interplaying dynamics a bit and can start to play with them... OMG you WILL be moved.

I get goose bumps just thinking about it again. Intimate female vocal with a singer who learned how to work a mic? No compression or eq and - you got a heartbreaker. O and judging from how my old 12 string sounded... all stringed instruments if not 110% tinny metallic i think will love this mic. So alive and freeflowing.

Add another lil zero to the mental price range for this point.

But there's more... Point two: also already mentioned, that open, more transparent, airy (but not undefined!) sound... now relating to the intimacy ribbons are famous transmitting in general: with this set-up last night i was suddenly stunned to note how even when getting as close and personal as you can imagine, and even if the sound was at it's creamiest, there was still this feeling of air, even transparency but not in an abstract, or worse, more distant, unengaged way, but the opposite - more soulful, 'air' in the way i would dream of and never achieved with EQ.

The above two dimensions combined - the taste is irresistable, highly addictive and may alter the course of your life in unpredictable ways :)

As the distinguished recordist will have noted, if what i say is true, we have a masterpiece at hand. Masterpiece because the only explanation i can find is that every soundproducing factor in this 'soulmeasuring instrument' is so fiendishly finetuned with EACH other, in such a musical way, that the potential it embodies is exponentially rather than proportionally better than your average rather blunt tool.

I'm gonna learn 'microphone' all new, or more to the point the mic will teach me, and the room... i don't mind if it takes many many hours to discover the finer and finer layers and how they interweave.

For home recordists like me but maybe even for specialists i believe the LRM V presents a greater learning journey and challenge to room and placement than most mics, although joyful from the beginning, but if you give it what it needs it will give you 108 million dollar mics back!

Late last night instead of drinking Barolo i just laid up, half listening after the sounds i had heard, half thinking: how how how did you pull this off?

JP - half genius, half angel, considering the circumstances (uh, price) this is offered.

If someone reading this knows a young singer-songwriter with mucho dedication and devotion to music and poco monetas, languishing away with wonder voice but dentist condenser, please PM me and i will be so happy to 'arrange' one for them. (but will have to wait till beginning month as after middle i'm broke)

And JP if you ever want or need to move many of these, i'd just send one to Blackbird studios as a gift with a bottle of Belgium beer and a little card à la: Thank you for all the great music! Hope you'll enjoy my mic...

Once he puts it up for his wife...

Last prosaic points - it has been called having vintage sound, if that means gorgeous, great - one thing it doesn't mean to my ears is dark. I can't imagine a situation where i'd boost hi freqs.

The mids, i noticed again, seem 'evenly distributed across board' not hyped or dull anywhere - feeling wide and full at every point but never bloated - special! - with this o so pleasant silky transparent-creamy overall sound i'm still trying to find a word for... think stately even flowing river on a warm jasmin scented evening at blue hour :)

JP WHAT how why wei wu wei have you done???!!!

Whatever it is, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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