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Roland MC50 with Gotek

Originally Posted by supernova777 ➡️
has anyone used this gotek floppy emulator on a Roland MC-50 or Roland MC-500 Micro Composer / Sequencer?
Hi there,
Although the original post is quite old, maybe some of you are still looking for a solution to get a nice product like the Roland MC50 updated with a Gotek drive. After I already successfully replaced the old floppy disk drive of my Yamaha EX5R with a Gotek drive I decided to do the same with the MC-50. Based on the great solution "FlashFloppy" from Keir Fraser GitHub - keirf/FlashFloppy: Floppy drive emulator for Gotek hardware I used a Gotek model which has got the description SFRC922D printed on the PCB. After
flashing the Gotek with the actual version of FlashFloppy on the Gotek only the jumpers MO and S1 had to be set. The trick to get it up and running is to put an image of an existing MC-50 disk (at best just a fresh MC-50 formatted disk) onto the FAT32 formated USB stick. For that I used a pretty old version of "Floppy Image 1.5.2" to convert the 720KB MC-50 disk into an *.img file. You can use that image as a "master" and place copies of it like 001.img, 002.img ... onto the USB stick. I don't know if there is a limitation regarding the number of files but I suppose with the standard 3 digits LED display on the Gotek it will end at 999 files. Following the modification information on Hardware Mods * keirf/FlashFloppy Wiki * GitHub I updated the Gotek drive with a 0.96" OLED display which shows the file name of the image instead of a simple number.

I hope these information will help some of you to get your good old music hardware updated.

Kind regards from Germany