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Originally Posted by not_so_new ➡️
As far as this mod goes, $99 for a 57 (give or take) and $185 for the tanny to end up sounding like a SM7 that I could pick up for another $20 or $30 without having to do any work, just does not make allot of sense to me. Am I missing something?
Yeah... you are.

We've been getting 57's at Banjo Mart for like $75- each... the transformer is $75- stand along... or you can get the whole kit and kaboodle for $185- with the transformer installed [the biggest bitch is removing the old transformer which requires a bit of denatured alcohol or acetone to melt the existing epoxy.

The mic comes out sounding like an SM-7 for half the price of an SM-7... and can fit in some tighter places.

As for the comment about getting more hi-hat bleed in the snare track... that is a function of a shit drummer and/or bad mic placement more than it is a function of having an extended top end to your microphone.

The Shure 57 & 58 are intentionally rolled off on the top for sound reinforcement application purposes... this transformer upgrade gives an all around clearer and more "audiophile" presentation than the original. Of our six 57's two have the new transformer... the other four are stock. While it's rare that we use more than one or two 57's on any given session... it's pretty damn cool to have the option of the extended top and greater clarity from time to time... like when you're working with a drummer who has an issue getting the snare to really "crack" right... or a guitar player whose tone is a bit dull [and you don't need the microphone dulling it down anymore than it's already dull].

It's not going to save the world... but we've found it to be a damn nice addition to the tool box... as always, YMMV.