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can't you read?

TAB-Funkenwerk Transformer features
The AMI T58 microphone output transformer was developed as a high resolution transformer upgrade for existing SM-57 or SM-58 microphones to give the same solid character without restricting upper mid and high end response. It effectively makes the mic closer to that of an SM-7 [a mic that usually goes for about $350- at most retailers].


* Primary impedance: 15 to 25 Ohm
* Primary inductance: 250 mH (120Hz) @ 1.5 Ohm
* Step up ratio: 1 to 5
* Secondary inductance: 5.4H (120Hz) @ 25 Ohm
* Short impedance: 0.029mH
ok, back away from the keyboard ! I`ve been reading since dr. seuss about 45 years ago .... I don`t know why that info didn`t come up for me ....thanks for the paste .